My Crazy Christmas Lights

In 2015, VE Crew provided camera equipment for Tuesday’s Child’s documentary – ‘My Crazy Christmas Lights’.

The production team travelled the UK, using VE Crew’s Canon C300 Mk1 and Mk2 cameras to explore the extravagant world of Christmas lights and home-made winter wonderlands.
Self-shooter and Director Matt Rudge’s camera of choice for the programme was the C300 Mk II, together with Canon 16-35mm and 24-105mm lenses. The shoot required a lightweight kit to capture a variety of different actuality shots and the camera’s new 100fps feature enabled an element of slow motion recording which proved hugely effective when it was time to switch on those lights!

Self-shooting projects are always a challenge, but the team were pleased to discover that the new camera functions on the C300 Mk II certainly helped to make things more manageable. On this particular shoot, the focus assist feature proved invaluable, as it allowed the Director to easily monitor the focus of each shot whilst working with the camera’s shallow depth of field in an ever-changing shooting environment.

We worked closely with the production team throughout the shoot to help ensure it all ran smoothly, and received some great feedback:

“Working with VE Crew is always a pleasure. I’ve worked with many of their team at other kit hire facilities over the past few years and feel I have built a reliable working relationship with them which has only strengthened with the introduction of VE Crew. The bookings team are always accommodating and polite and the technical department are ready to assist with technical and equipment queries at any time. Equipment is always delivered on time and hired at an affordable rate tailored to your production and budgetary requirements.”

Claire Riddell, Production Manager