Robbie Kneen

Robbie Kneen In-house Camera Assistant

Before working within the TV and Film industry I worked as an artworker within clothes design, focusing on garment photography and layout design. Although I enjoyed working creatively with photography, I always had a passion for the composition of cinematography and moving imagery.

Starting out as a Runner in late 2014, I progressed into the kitroom of Cruet where I learnt to prep a large variety of kits, eventually working on location as an in-house Camera Assistant. Through working on jobs such as The Apprentice, BBQ Champ and Quizeum I’ve gained on set knowledge for different types of cameras and set ups.

Joining VE Crew has given me more opportunities to have hands on experience with a wider spectrum of cameras. I am now experienced in a variety of 4k and production cameras, lenses and lighting equipment.

Outside of VE Crew I enjoy making music videos, short films and animations. I have a passion for cinematography and enjoy working in the field. My personal projects have given me a broader knowledge of different aspects of film making from writing and planning to editing. Eventually I would like to get involved with shooting documentary films and television series, creating stimulating and perception changing projects.