Tom Clifford

Tom Clifford In-house Camera Assistant

After completing my degree in Multimedia in 2013 I began working as an in-house Runner/Driver at Cruet, progressing through to becoming a Camera Assistant. Throughout my time there I quickly gained the relevant knowledge and experience needed to succeed as an efficient and skilled Camera Assistant.

Since arriving at VE Crew in September 2015 I have been able to enhance my skills further due to the broader range of equipment at our disposal and the varying types of projects we now work on.

I have worked on a wide variety of projects including multi-camera shows such as The Apprentice, BBQ Champ and Time Crashers, whilst also working on smaller single camera shoots. I have worked not only as a Camera Assistant but also as a Gallery Technician and Camera Operator on a number of projects. My camera knowledge includes most up to date 4K and HD cameras. As well as this I have a strong knowledge of Black Magic systems used in our mobile gallery set ups and general technical aspects of setting up monitoring for large multi camera projects.

In my own time I work on my own personal projects including short films and short promo videos. Through this and my work at VE Crew I am able to strengthen my knowledge in all aspects of filmmaking in the hope of being a Camera Operator in the future.